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raqoon shortcut innovation

Your challenge is more complex than others?

Well, we bet that by reframing your challenge and connecting the right puzzle pieces, the solution is simpler than you think. And we’re here to help you find it…

Shortcut innovation

The fastest route to creative solutions

Remove the complexity. Keep the excellence.

Innovation does not need to be complicated. In fact, it can be simple, neat and to the point. There is no need to spend years and millions when all you need are fresh perspectives, the ability to reframe and a way to connect the right pieces.

Shortcut innovation takes a lot of the complexity out of solving challenges, without compromising on excellence. Raqoon’s shortcut gives you a technology mashup using bits of already existing solutions, skills, people and tech to create something unique.

How we work with you

We deliver real business results by simplifying complex systems, revealing fresh perspectives, and providing emerging technology.

raqoon reframing a challenge

We reframe

Understand the business

Based on your current business model and the challenge you are facing, we define the approach and outline hypotheses to evaluate together. We use strategic foresight and business design to set the playground for your journey ahead  - one of simplicity, quick wins and long-term success.

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raqoon connects the right players

We connect

Connect the right players

Let’s begin! We have our hypotheses and now it’s time to ideate, explore our challenges and validate our thinking to let our direction take shape. Through our ecosystem, we consider existing solutions, businesses, tech and skills and bring them together to solve your challenge. This is where we will interrogate business models and ideas to find new solutions.

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raqoon starts to deliver

We create

Transform approaches into actions

Now that we know how to solve the challenge, we roll up our sleeves and set the right pieces in the right way to create a technology mashup of already existing solutions, the right skills and people. Our output-oriented approach speeds up action with short and painless go-to-market cycles.

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Leverage our ecosystem for your next technology mashup.

But what is a technology mashup? It is when existing pieces come together to create something original.

Why a technology mashup?

Let us connect and create together.

Take a shortcut with us, and together we will find your technology mashup.

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