Who we are

Curious thinkers and go-getters

We make more innovation happen by connecting the right people, tech and skills to solve your challenges - hyperconnected by design and result-driven by nature.

Why Raqoon?

We have chosen this name because we have a lot in common with the lovely raccoons.

We are curious

Raccoons are famous for their instinctual curiosity. We are curious about how existing skills and technology can fulfill unmet needs.

Raqoon members are curious thinkers and go-getters, finding solutions for business challenges, exploring technologies, understanding trends and market shifts, constant learning, innovative, execution oriented

We are problem solvers

Give raccoons a puzzle and (as long as there’s food involved) they’ll find a way to solve it. No matter how many obstacles they have to navigate, in the end, the raccoon will crack it. And so will we!

Raqoon is finding creative solutions, fast execution, solution oriented, results matters, fast and effective delivery, problem solver, digital natives, innovation  consultants

We do things differently

Raccoons do things differently. Most animals use their sight, sound or smell to find food, but raccoons use their sense of touch. Using our ‘sense of touch’ - we do things differently by completely reframing the way problems are solved.

Raqoon thinks differently and provides fresh perspectives, quick assessment of ideas, thinking inside the box, outside the box thinking, technology second opinion, develop venture strategies, technology inspiration, challenge status-quo, explore metaverse

Meet the Raqoon partners

We are a global team of curious thinkers and go-getters.


Chief Strategic Designer
Sport Enthusiast and Barista

Valerie Can, Chief Strategic Designer, innovation management, business modelling, change management, user journeys, sprint management, innovation lab, innovation projects, design challenges, design thinking, lean startupLinkedIn


Chief Creative Technologist
Chef and Father

Bojan Laskovic, Chief Creative Technologist, digitalization, emerging technologies, digital innovation, digital disruptions, artificial intelligence, machine learning, NoCode, technology evaluation, technology implementation, lean startup, agile development, data privacy, cybersecurity, cyber intelligenceLinkedIn


Chief Venture Strategist
Foodie and Explorer

Ivo Ronner, Chief Venture Strategist,  innovation management, digital transformation, digitalization, design thinking, lean startup, tech disruption, corporate venturing, emerging technologies, business models, incubator, acceleratorLinkedIn

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