Technology Mashups
Dec 23, 2020

Another way of innovation: Mashup Solutions

A song mixed of two or more pre-recorded songs? A video that consists of multiple sources and images that have been combined? No, I am neither talking about the music and video industry, nor about becoming a DJ.

When we as Raqoon talk about mashup solutions, we simply mean a mix of diverse, already existing capabilities; it could be a startup, scaleup, other companies, or a specific technology or trend. It is neither one thing, nor the other.

But to be honest, we have picked up this word from the music industry. Like artists from the music scene, we rearrange existing pieces together to create a new "edited" solution - a mashup solution.

We believe in constant change as we have probably experienced once in our lives - nothing stays forever. Not only life phases and circumstances change, but also objectives and technology. At first glance, this might cause negative feelings because we are more likely to shy away from change than welcome it with open arms as a creature of habit. It is more of a creative work that reframes original narratives, produces fresh perspectives on both the source and the context.

Collaboration has always been a boon to creativity, and it will be with innovation too or already is. Independent providers of custom solutions are often perceived to deliver more value but are limited in scale. This is when we as Raqoon come into play: Mobilizing and helping create scalable solutions and collaboration agreements with unique growth opportunities or, in other words - mashup solutions.

Now that you know what we mean by a mashup solution let me give you a more in-depth insight into how we create our mashup solutions.

Step 1: We discover

Ingridients for a mashup

We discover unmet needs and screen for rising trends and new technologies by scouting globally for newcomers, existing solutions, as well as new technologies and trends that could be fresh ingredients for our mashups. We also flip the view of each solution to create different perspectives and opportunities. In this way, we don't miss the chance to use solutions in entirely different areas and avenues.

Step 2: We create

Mixing ingridients

We take existing products and technologies, and creatively combine them to generate a viable mixture. With our range of different "ingredients" (startups, existing solutions, technologies, trends), we mix various mashup cocktails to solve market problems. While experimenting, we let customers taste our new mashup cocktails to see how they like them.

Step 3: We deliver

New mashup

We deliver business value by turning existing assets into sustainable and scalable solutions. Once we have found the right taste, we are keen on a lean and easy set up so that our customers can enjoy our sustainable and valuable solution to the fullest. But we don't rest after the first delivery. We are committed to developing our cocktail mashups through constant learning and cooperation with our partners and customers.


Innovation doesn't need to be complicated. There's no need to spend years and millions on starting something from scratch when all you need is to discover already existing capabilities. Mix the right ingredients with a squeeze of fresh perspectives to a mashup cocktail that the customers love.
Raqoon's shortcuts give you a mashup solution - using bits of already existing solutions, skills, people, and tech to create something unique.

Valérie Can
Chief Strategic Designer and Partner at Raqoon. As a Business Designer, I develop digital business models, shape new products, and create added value services for different customer segments.

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