Mashup Engine

Get the right skills, technologies and people to deliver your idea or solve a business challenge. We help you orchestrate a team, that can action a workable solution now!

  • You have outlined your challenge or business idea and are now looking for the right people and technologies to move from paper to an implemented solution.
  • We consist of a global network of business experts, innovation leaders and technology providers, which enables us to provide the right skills and technologies.
  • You get an actionable playbook with hand-picked resources, a proven execution plan and tools to facilitate the engagement.

Mashup Engine in a nutshell

What’s in for you

  • Recommendation for the right partners to deliver a solution.
  • Validated solution approach with leading experts in the market.
  • Playbook with a clear execution plan.
  • Support with negotiation and contracting with third parties.
  • Guidance on how to onboard and kickstart the delivery.
Raqoon unpacks the challenge, out of the box thinking, system thinking, strategic thinking, thinking inside the box thinking, innovation workshops, co-creation, speed creation, team enabling, fresh perspectives, quick assessment, tenable outcomes

Fits perfectly to you if

  • You are starting a new product development and looking to improve time to market and lower the implementation costs.
  • You have a business idea and are looking for the right technology and partners to deliver the solution or parts of it.
  • You don’t want to reinvent the wheel and are looking for existing solutions or parts that fit the purpose.
  • You are ready to work with external resources to accomplish your goals.
Raqoon creates perfect and balanced outcomes and results, trend and tech scouting, strategic foresight, future studies, learn about the latest technologies, manage industry shifts, market development and adoption, new ideas

What we do

  1. We unpack your initiative within five key stakeholder interviews (5x 45’ interviews).
  2. We take all your inputs and enrich it with our own insights.
  3. Together we shape the expectations of the wished outcome in a joint workshop (half-day workshop)
  4. We identify promising technologies and proven implementation approaches.
  5. We recommend the right skills, and people to execute or supplement the initiative.
  6. We create a playbook to kickstart a successful delivery.
Raqoon creates real results, walk the talk, fast execution and delivery, lean and agile development, innovation facilitation, workshop design and moderation, strategy insights

Output of the Playbook

  • Summary of the key stakeholder interviews enriched with our own insights and clearly shaped expectations of the wished outcome.
  • Validated solution approach to ensure fit for purpose, fast time to market and return on investment.
  • Recommendation for the right technologies, skills, and people including background information and rational for selection.
  • Roles and responsibilities of all parties including terms and conditions.
  • Execution plan and guidelines to facilitate a successful kickstart of the engagement.

Why a mashup solution?

Raqoon connects the right players, technology matching, technology evaluation, expert ecosystem, network, digital architecture, solving challenges, finding new solutions, strategy consulting

It is pretty likely that the pieces we need to solve our challenges already exist.

Our hyperconnected ecosystem means that we have access to anything we can dream of. We just have to know where to look, how to spot, and how to bring the different parts together to create new solutions. There is no point starting from scratch when we can use our ecosystem to mashup a solution of skills, tech, people and businesses.

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