Playground Program

Get an interconnected view of how your business can leverage social, economic and market opportunities. We create a winning strategy for the digital age based on your strategic assets and core strengths.

  • You understand the need for action but don’t have a clear focus yet and need help to remove some blockers.
  • We unpack your current business model, understand your pain points & assets, and then connect past shifts, today's challenges, and future signals to map out a masterplan.
  • You get strategic focus areas with the interconnected challenges that you need to address to make your business more resilient and ready for the future.

Playground Program in a nutshell

What’s in for you

  • Overview of the relevant action fields and interconnected challenges.
  • A strategic action plan aligned with the corporate strategy and purpose.
  • Recommendations for opportunities to expand the current business model.
  • New perspectives on todays challenges with focus on the desired future state.
  • Plan to eliminating blind spot and blockers.
  • Masterplan with clear decision points and strategic goals.
Raqoon unpacks the challenge, out of the box thinking, system thinking, strategic thinking, thinking inside the box thinking, innovation workshops, co-creation, speed creation, team enabling, fresh perspectives, quick assessment, tenable outcomes

Fits perfectly to you if

  • You understand the need for action but don’t have a clear focus yet and need help to remove some blockers.
  • You want to create a business innovation strategy.
  • You need help to develop future scenarios and identify the need for action.
  • You are not only looking for inspiration but wish to get strategic advice.
  • You are looking for a fresh perspective on your business.
Raqoon creates perfect and balanced outcomes and results, trend and tech scouting, strategic foresight, future studies, learn about the latest technologies, manage industry shifts, market development and adoption, new ideas

What we do

  1. We unpack your business model and your strategic assets (product, service, skills and know-how).
  2. We out-map your current problems, your strategic goals and today’s environment.
  3. We evaluate todays challenges and future signals to identify areas for action.
  4. We use future scenarios to validate opportunities and define possible directions.
  5. Together we align and shape your playground and deliver the masterplan to take actions for tomorrow and beyond.
Raqoon creates real results, walk the talk, fast execution and delivery, lean and agile development, innovation facilitation, workshop design and moderation, strategy insights

Content of the Masterplan

  • Clearly defined why, how, what (purpose) for your strategic initiative.
  • Interconnected map of past shifts, today’s pain points and assets, and future signals/trends.
  • Future scenarios with business opportunities and possible directions.
  • Defined focus fields that need to be addressed and suggestions on how to do it.
  • A strategic action plan to reach your desired future state.

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