Strategic Impulse

Get a quick assessment of your idea, product, or venture and benefit from fresh perspectives, quick technology recommendations and game-changing moves. We are here to facilitate a joint mission statement and kick-start strategic initiatives.

  • You need a fresh perspective regarding your challenge, a quick assessment of your business idea, or simply a new inspiration.
  • We choose the right workshop format for the given context, and lead your team through practical methods and producing real results collaboratively.
  • You get a different perspective, suggestions and opportunities to next game-changing moves.

Strategic Impulse in a nutshell

What’s in for you

  • Get a customized workshop format for your strategic impulse.
  • Get a quick assessment or fresh perspective on a specific topic that you are working on.
  • Hands-on team exercises to facilitate learning and generate tangible outcomes.
  • Co-created suggestions to act straight after the workshop.
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Fits perfectly to you if

  • You want to get inspiration and guidance from outside your organization.
  • You want to inspire your teams with actionable advice.
  • You want to learn more about strategic foresight and the power of future studies.
  • You want to learn more about the latest technology trends and shifts in the market. 
  • You want to better understand how to connect your current assets with new ideas.
Raqoon creates perfect and balanced outcomes and results, trend and tech scouting, strategic foresight, future studies, learn about the latest technologies, manage industry shifts, market development and adoption, new ideas

What we do

  1. We have created different workshop formats to provide you with the right strategic impulse.
  2. We take your inputs to prepare and create the best fitting workshop format. 
  3. We moderate the half-day workshop to facilitate learning and generate tangible outcomes.
  4. We do joint workshop briefing before the workshop, debriefing after the workshop, including clear next steps.
Raqoon creates real results, walk the talk, fast execution and delivery, lean and agile development, innovation facilitation, workshop design and moderation, strategy insights

Our Workshop Themes

  • Strategic Design: We use design methods to create strategies and roadmaps for your digital initiatives.
  • Future Foresight: We create future scenarios that help challenge current ideas and help you prioritize your strategic directions.
  • Emerging Technologies: We highlight emerging technologies and lay out how they could benefit your business today and in the future.
  • Play the Ecosystem: We help you understand how to select the right players in the market and how to facilitate a successful collaboration.

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