What we do

Create and deliver digital innovation

We help organizations navigate the fundamental industry shifts, by creating winning strategies for the digital age, shaping the business models and implementing the right solutions.

Remove the complexity and keep the excellence

Innovation doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, it can be simple, neat and to the point. There is no need to spend years and millions when all you need are fresh perspectives, the ability to reframe and a way to connect the right pieces. We consist of a global network of business experts, innovation leaders and technology providers, which enables us to provide a full service to our SME and enterprise clients.

Our packages address different types of innovation and digitalization needs and are built with years of experience in innovation management with new technologies and human-centered design.

Mashup Engine

Get the right skills, technologies and people to deliver your idea or solve a business challenge. We help you orchestrate a team, that can action a workable solution now!

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Raqoon Mashup Engine solves business challenges with creative technology, technology exploration, technology evaluation, technology matching, orchestration, product implementation, innovation and digital execution

Playground Program

Get an interconnected view of how your business can leverage social, economic and market opportunities. We create a winning strategy for the digital age based on your strategic assets and core strengths.

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Raqoon Playground creates winning strategies for digital age, innovation management and processes, business opportunities, strategic business development, digitalization, prioritization, decision-making, roadmapping, generate business impact

Strategic Impulse

Get a quick assessment of your idea, product, or venture and benefit from fresh perspectives, quick technology recommendations and game-changing moves. We are here to facilitate a joint mission statement and kick-start strategic initiatives.

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Raqoon thinks differently and provides fresh perspectives, quick assessment of ideas, thinking inside the box, outside the box thinking, technology second opinion, develop venture strategies, technology inspiration, challenge status-quo, explore metaverse
Our experience

We work with proven methods and approaches

Our core team has already moderated 180+ innovation workshops, led 100+ innovation sprints, executed 70+ innovation and technology projects and enabled 70+ successful collaborations.

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